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Our Impact

We believe that all creatures lives are important.  We do everything we can to save every baby that comes to us or assist any owner that requests help.  We are often asked how many babies we take in, so we provide this information to you for that purpose.  We also like you to know where your donations are being used.  We are proud to be a small, dedicated group of people who make such a large impact on the lives of these puppies. Thank you for your interest in Louisiana Baby Mommas (LABM)! 

Since March of 2016, we have been using Animal Shelter Manager to track and report on animals passing through the care of our organization, as well as their welfare and medical requirements.


We currently have a Save Rate of 84.1

which is calculated by the ASPCA Live Release Rate method (all live releases divided by the number of live intakes).  This is an amazing number, based on the fact that our babies are mostly high risk.  Most of our intakes are pregnant mothers, special needs, and very young puppies requiring bottle feeding.

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